The Montgo Mountain

The massive hulk of Montgó, viewed from this villa for sale Montgo, dominates Jávea and many have no doubt stared at its high summit, some 753m above the sea, and wondered just what it would be like to stand on its lofty peak from where the distant island of Ibiza can be seen as well as a stunning panorama of the inland mountains of this part of Spain. Formed some 70 million years ago, the massif of Montgó forms the last spur of the huge Cordillera Prebética mountain range that runs across southern Spain from Andalucia to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is often said to resemble the head of an elephant with its trunk extending out into the sea. Its steep cliffs host some of the most unusual flora and fauna in Spain and the Parque Natural del Montgó was created in 1987. On a clear day, the view from its peak is stunning in all directions. To the east, the headland of Cabo de San Antonio points towards the island of Ibiza on the horizon; to the south is the Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock), the Sierra Bernia and the Morro de Toix. To the west, the Col de Rates, the Sierra de Aitana and the Val de Laguart; and to the north, the gulf of Oliva and Cullera stretches up towards the city of Valencia. Click here for further information.